My perspective on Therapy

Starting counselling is an act of courage. Whatever your motivation for seeking support, I believe in being fully present to each of my clients and accepting you non-judgmentally with the concerns you bring. I embrace a collaborative approach, which means that we work together to define what therapy will look like and the direction that your journey will take. Above all, I believe that each client’s personal experiences, values, and beliefs are of utmost importance and are to be honoured throughout the process. This work is so rewarding to me—seeing the essence of the person sitting across from me and helping you realize your true self in the world.

In working with couples, my approach is informed by existential and attachment principles, and the approaches of Gottman, Emotionally-focused couples therapy, and Imago therapy. My goal is for each individual to have a good relationship with oneself and to authentically connect with their partner. Concretely, this work can involve practicing the skills of dialogue that create deeper understanding and connection for the couple. It can also involve exploring the values, personal differences, and wounds from the past that influence current dynamics in the relationship. Another focus is helping clients to attend to and process the powerful emotions that arise in their dynamic. I find it so fulfilling to support people in healing and deepening their relationship.

I have an MA in Counselling Psychology from UBC and completed a thesis about the use of metaphor in counseling--creativity and poetry in particular are passions of mine. I also have a Masters in Theology and the Arts from Regent College and a BA in Communication Studies. Over the past 10 years, I’ve specialized in the therapeutic approach of Existential Analysis which has really deepened the way I work and taught me how to meaningfully encounter clients, access and honour their emotions, and empower them to live a life of inner consent.

In the past, I worked doing individual counselling at a university counselling centre and then leading experiential groups for people in recovery from addiction at a non-profit. For the past 8 years, I have been working in private practice with individuals and couples. I also lead professional seminars for therapists on behalf of Existential Analysis Canada.  

In my personal life, I invest a lot of time in raising my two daughters. Some of my passions include being active and outdoors, cultivating community with friends, and creative pursuits like poetry, sewing, and baking delicious desserts.

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