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At Turning Point our counsellors are committed to helping you achieve relationships that are loving, respectful and responsive.  It is essential for healthy relationships to practice healthy self-esteem and boundaries. To change complaints into requests and to repair thoroughly when hurts and disappointments have occurred.
Our couples therapists have extensive experience and training in a number of approaches to couples therapy. We continue to study and work on our own relationship challenges. We see ourselves as walking alongside you as we continue to work on the same kinds of struggles in relationships.
All therapists have been carefully selected to provide you with different styles and skills. Finding the right fit is essential to a good outcome. We invite you to read about our therapists and contact us if you have any questions that will help you make a good choice for you and your partner.

Aron Buky-Tompa RCC

Pronouns he/him

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Making relationships work is a life-long process of compassion, commitment, and communication. Finding the real flavour of dynamic relationships is essential, yet it can at times feel distant and unattainable. It takes time and effort to become skilled at relational living and heal the wounds caused by ineffective communication.

Relational therapy invokes your lived experience in the present to guide the session. Through effective non-violent communication in real time, you will have a chance to speak the difficult truths in ways that can be heard and received. This can lead to paths of healing and growth which can reliably shift the present dynamic and move you and your partner out of your stuck places.

What to expect

The beginning stages of couples therapy involve becoming clear on the presenting problems and how they became what they are now. This might mean exploring your past, your family of origin, and traumatic events which may affect your current relationship. After this we explore the present dynamic and the ways in which it can improve. This includes processing conflict in session, building emotional skills, non-violent communication, and other practices that can enhance your relationship and develop trust.

Aron received training in Terry Real's Relational Life Therapy and Non-Violent Communication.

W. 1st Ave Location

Available Monday - Saturday

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Kerena Lam RCC

Pronouns she/her


People typically think there is one reality, but actually there are two realities between a couple. We think our own reality is based on facts but actually it's based on perceptions. Therefore, it's important to understand both of those realities, and see if there can be a mutual understanding and respect of each other's experience. In couples counselling, Kerena will help you gain more awareness of what's working and not working in the relationship, what are the underlying needs that are potentially not being addressed, and find shared meaning together again. Therapy will deal with couple conflict and resolution, but also build and repair friendship and love within the relationship.

Kerena is certified in Gottman’s Couples Therapy and provide couples counselling for those in monogamous, non-monogamous, polyamorous, and kink relationships. Kerena is also certified in Adlerian Parenting (also known as the STEP approach to parenting), and offers counselling to parents/caregivers.

Canada Pl Location

Tuesday 11 am - 5 pm

Sunday 11.30 am - 5.30 pm

In-person (Sunday) and Online Appointments.

Kerena is accepting new clients on a waitlist at this time.  Contact Laura (admin) to be added.   

Delyse Ledgard RCC

Pronouns she/her


Delyse has experience working with many relationship issues and types of relationships including, polyamory and non-monogamy. Turning your relationship around when it has been infused with mistrust, betrayal, and retaliation is a challenge. There is no failure in reaching out for help and guidance.  Delyse's approach is a mixture of support, understanding, and clarity.  She will give you a push and clear direction when needed and give space for slowing down and connecting. Delyse works on  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Delyse has extensive training and is a Certified RLT Practitioner.  Relational Life Therapy was developed by Terry Real.

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North Delta Location

Tuesday  9 - 8pm
Wednesday 12 - 8pm
Saturday 10 - 4pm.

Delyse is not accepting new clients at this time.

Kellie Shamenski, LMFT RCC

Pronouns she/her


Kellie has over 10 years of experience working with Couples and Families.

It can be challenging to decide when and if it is time to seek professional guidance to improve your relationship. In addition, what does it really mean to improve one’s relationship? What does a healthy relationship even look like? 

A healthy partnership is one in which there are consistent and ongoing experiences of intimacy, connection, and security. Some of us have grown up witnessing a very close intimate relationship between our parents while many others have not. 

The sense of connection and security that comes from having a secure relationship with our partner affects every aspect of our lives, including our self-esteem, our response to stress, and our outlook on the future. Having the courage to look inward and work with your partner on this journey can be the most rewarding one yet.

Kellie has training in Gottman, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Relational Life Therapy.

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Canada Pl Location

In-person and Online sessions

Thursday  3 pm - 9 pm

Kellie is not accepting new clients at this time.