Who am I

After finishing my degree in business, I spent a decade working for the corporate world. I had a job and a salary and a position that made everybody happy but me. It took me a bankruptcy to change my direction and get into the field that I am passionate about, psychology. I understand very well the consequences of the daily grind of work and relationships and obligations. I am familiar with stress, depression, and anxiety not only in a professional context but a personal level as well.
I obtained my graduate degree in psychology in BC and have worked here ever since. I have worked in addiction treatment facilities and have seen addictive behaviors in many forms. I have also worked in EAP (Employee Assistance Program) with highly functioning people. Currently, I do accept new clients and work with  couples and individuals here in the Vancouver Downtown location.

My approach to Therapy

My approach to therapy is holistic. What this means to me is that everybody’s story is unique and multilayered. I see experience as the result of how you feel in many aspects of your life. How accomplished do you feel in your career? How satisfied are you with your sex life? How honest can you be with your family? With your friends? How do you cope with stress and anxiety? Do you feel connected to your experience and desires?

It is often “anxiety” that brings clients to our offices, but underneath this are many aspects of life that might need attention. Such as grief and loss, childhood trauma and disruption, unfulfilled desires, loneliness, addictions, to name a few. Understanding how all aspects of you and your life are contributing is the first step to making changes.

Throughout our life our natural ability to learn, grow and express yourself can be disrupted by having to conform to ways family, friends and community dictate. You need acceptance and safety to develop a healthy relationship with yourself. When we are traumatized or let down by people we trust, we instinctively develop strategies to cope that allow us to survive but prevent us from thriving and living the life we want. You may be considering counselling because you wish to do more than survive.

I believe it is essential for me as a therapist to continue working through my issues so that I keep shedding the roles and masks that do not serve me anymore. To this end, I am currently working with several therapists from various modalities. Also, this gives me a broad experience of what works in different situations for different clients. I know first-hand what it takes to find a therapist and become a client. So I am happy that somehow you found yourself in front of a screen reading this.

I invite you to come out and meet me for ½ hour free consultation if you are unsure and want to see what we can do together and whether you want me on your team. Or you can book an appointment by using the form below to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact Mehmet using this form to set up an appointment.  He is available from Monday to Thursday.

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