Video Selection from Delyse's YouTube Channel

Making Sense of Relationship and Mental Health struggles without the focus being that there is something wrong with you.

It is important for me to understand relationship dynamics because relationships are the main context in which we learn about ourselves and the world. When we can understand the contexts of our lives and how they have shaped us we can let go of the constraints this has had on our lives.

I hope you will join me in this exploration of making sense of our struggles together. I am aiming to put out a video a week with content on all sorts of relationship and mental health struggles. 

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Communication is the top reason why couples come to therapy. They pretty much know what good communication is supposed to look like but all that goes out the window when we are triggered into a defensive reaction.

In this video, we talk about what is happening when we are emotionally reactive and what to do to change it. This practice will make all the difference to your relationships.

In this video we talk about the negative strategy of trying to be right when we are dealing with conflict in a relationship.  Delyse discusses the impact this has on a relationship and why we might do this and how to change it.