Who Are We

Our couples therapists have extensive experience and training in a number of approaches to couples therapy. We continue to study and work on our own relationship challenges. We see ourselves as walking alongside you as we continue to work on the same kinds of struggles in relationships.
All therapists have been carefully selected to provide you with different styles and skills. Finding the right fit is essential to a good outcome. We invite you to read about our therapists and contact us if you have any questions that will help you make a good choice for you and your partner.
At Turning Point our counsellors are committed to helping you achieve relationships that are loving, respectful and responsive.  It is essential for healthy relationships to practice healthy self-esteem and boundaries. To change complaints into requests and to repair thoroughly when hurts and disappointments have occurred.

Jodie Read RCC



Relationships are one of the most rewarding aspects of our lived experience. They have the capacity to bring with them a deep sense of fulfillment, security, and connection. It takes effort to maintain and recover these healthy qualities in a relationship when we get off track. Jodie aspires to bring couples back to the root of what brought them together. She helps couples identify the negative patterns that trapped them and threw the dynamic of the relationship into disarray. They come to discover the root of common, debilitating, and perpetuating patterns that prevent them from connecting, understanding one another, feeling heard, and communicating in effective ways. Some of these challenges include trust, communication, prior relationship/family trauma, and attachment; as well as shifts in sexuality or identity which necessitate change within the relationship.

Jodie is trained in Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy which she uses to create permanent, positive change in relationships. Through her practical, empathetic, and direct therapeutic approaches and interventions she helps them recover, reconnect, and work in partnership towards each individual having their needs met in the relationship.

Jodie provides couples counselling for those in non-monogamous, monogamous, polyamorous, and kink.

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Available Monday and Friday

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Michelle Carchrae RCC



Intimate relationships can be some of the most challenging relationships we find ourselves in. Not only are we told that they should be “happily ever after” and completely fulfilling, but we often don’t know how to navigate conflict in a healthy way when it does appear. Add in the stress of raising children, balancing work/life issues, sexuality, cultural oppression and any baggage we might have picked up from our family of origin, and it’s no wonder that we find ourselves fighting constantly or pushing each other away.  

Michelle works with couples to support them in learning how to identify where they are getting stuck, where they want to go, and what tools are needed to get there. Her work focuses initially on compassionately understanding and naming the pattern between partners, then facilitating focused change that will bring the relationship to a place that is healthy, resilient, heart-centered and skillful. This work can address deep places and can also be practical and useful right away. 

Michelle is trained in Non-Violent Communication and Relational Life Therapy and brings these skills to her work with couples in all types of intimate relationships, including consensual non-monogamous and polyamoury.

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Tuesday - Friday

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Aron B. RCC


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Making relationships work is a life-long process of compassion, commitment, and communication. Finding the real flavour of dynamic relationships is essential, yet it can at times feel distant and unattainable. It takes time and effort to become skilled at relational living and heal the wounds caused by ineffective communication.

Relational therapy invokes your lived experience in the present to guide the session. Through effective non-violent communication in real time, you will have a chance to speak the difficult truths in ways that can be heard and received. This can lead to paths of healing and growth which can reliably shift the present dynamic and move you and your partner out of your stuck places.

What to expect

The beginning stages of couples therapy involve becoming clear on the presenting problems and how they became what they are now. This might mean exploring your past, your family of origin, and traumatic events which may affect your current relationship. After this we explore the present dynamic and the ways in which it can improve. This includes processing conflict in session, building emotional skills, non-violent communication, and other practices that can enhance your relationship and develop trust.

Aron received training in Terry Real's Relational Life Therapy and Non-Violent Communication.

Burrard St Location

Available Monday - Saturday

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Tima Musina RCC



In my practice, I welcome all individuals, couples, and people in multi-partner/poly relationships across the entire sexuality spectrum. My work with couples aims to uncover the entrenched patterns that are continuously being triggered whether consciously or unconsciously. This allows us to acknowledge the pain of the past and to find a way into a new reality. Together we can re-wire your relationship patterns to help you move toward connection, acceptance, embodiment, and play.

The frameworks that I integrate into my practice are Internal Family Systems (IFS), Relational Life Therapy (RLT), psychodynamic approaches, and various somatic methods that prioritize focusing, attunement, and embodiment.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

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Alisa Chirpicinic RCC



There are times when couples have difficulty sustaining intimate and emotional connections with each other. It may be hard for partners to feel truly seen, loved, understood, and cherished during such moments of disconnection. Loving and intimate relationships need to be carefully and skillfully nurtured by couples’ ongoing work and commitment.

When couples slow down and feel recognized and understood by one another, they create space for healing and transformation. As a couples therapist, Alisa believes healing is a relational discovery process that brings to light the unsuccessful patterns and stances where many couples find themselves stuck, unconsciously.

She will help you identify your specific relationship issues and gain insight into patterns that cause relationship distress. You will learn various tools that will help you to restore trust, enhance intimacy, improve communication skills, and strengthen mutual respect. Alisa has the experience and welcomes the opportunity to work with couples in monogamous, non-monogamous, same, and opposite-sex relationships.

She has been trained in Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy and in Gottman’s Couples Therapy Method.

402 W. Pender St Location

Online and In-person sessions Available

Tuesday - Friday 11am - 8pm

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Delyse Ledgard RCC



Delyse has experience working with many relationship issues and types of relationships including, polyamory and non-monogamy. Turning your relationship around when it has been infused with mistrust, betrayal, and retaliation is a challenge. There is no failure in reaching out for help and guidance.  Delyse's approach is a mixture of support, understanding, and clarity.  She will give you a push and clear direction when needed and give space for slowing down and connecting. Delyse works on  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Delyse has extensive training and is a Certified RLT Practitioner.  Relational Life Therapy was developed by Terry Real.

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Saturday 11 am - 4pm.