Stages and Challenges In Relationships.

Turning Point Therapy's approach to couples counselling is based on a developmental model.

What that means is that relationships typically go through stages as they mature and each stage has it's own unique challenge.

Understanding this will help in understanding the kinds of challenges you may be experiencing. This developmental model is based on our early childhood development. Adult relationships can easily bring up early childhood because these stages mirror some of the same challenges around attachment and separation.

If our developmental tasks have been interrupted or we have been wounded early in our lives, it will be revisited in our adult relationships.

These stages provide a general guide that I find helpful in my work with couples and individuals.

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Is Your Communication Causing Difficulties?

marriage counselling for communication, couples communication

Perhaps your discussions easily escalate into disrespectful finger pointing, blaming, and name calling? Making it difficult for you to resolve issues.

Or perhaps you just avoid ever talking about touchy subjects to the point where you feel you don't have a connection.

In couples counselling we often spend some time examining and practicing communication that helps you move out of these patterns.

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Do You Have These Struggles?

Relationship counselling, marriage counselling

Couples who come for counselling are often struggling in some way with:

  • developing acceptance of each other as you are,
  • learning to disagree and resolve differences,
  • develop trust,
  • cultivate understanding and empathy,

All these relate to the development of differentiation.

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You Can Heal the Pain of Infidelity

Marriage Counselling for Infidelity, relationship counselling,

You May be experiencing:

  • Confusion about staying or leaving
  • Feeling anxious and obsessive
  • Feeling guilt and shame
  • So angry that it is difficult to talk about what happened

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